We offer quad bike tours in various regions of Morocco, including the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert, Essaouira, and the Marrakech area. These tours allow you to explore the stunning landscapes and off-road terrain of Morocco in a unique and exciting way.

Our quad bike – buggy tours can range from half-day excursions to multi-day trips, depending on your preference. We use high-quality, well-maintained quad bikes and buggies to ensure your safety and comfort. Our experienced guides will take you on an adventure through the beautiful Moroccan landscapes, showing you the hidden gems and off the beaten path destinations that the average tourist doesn’t get to see.

Quad biking in the Agafay Desert

Quad biking in the Agafay Desert is a popular activity for tourists visiting Marrakech, Morocco. The Agafay Desert is located a short distance from the city and offers a unique opportunity to explore the desert landscape on four wheels. A typical quad biking experience in the Agafay Desert includes the following steps:

  1. Booking: Book your quad biking tour in advance through Morocco Highlights.
  2. Meeting location: Meet at the designated meeting location.
  3. Safety briefing: Receive a safety briefing and be fitted with a helmet and any other necessary equipment.
  4. Practice session: Take some time to practice riding the quad bike and get a feel for the vehicle.
  5. Tour: Follow your guide on a tour of the Agafay Desert, exploring the landscape and taking in the scenery.
  6. Return: Return to the starting point at the end of the tour.

It’s important to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for the quad biking experience and to follow the safety guidelines provided by the tour operator. It’s also recommended to bring plenty of water and sun protection, as the Agafay Desert can be hot and sunny.

We have different offers available, depending on your preferences and budget. Contact us for more information and our experts will be happy to assist you in planning your quad bike tour in Morocco.