Are you a fan of abstract art? Or perhaps you are curious about the works of a renowned cosmetic dentist turned painter? Look no further than Bernard Touati’s exhibition at the Keya Gallery in Marrakech, starting from May 6, 2023, and running for a month.

Immerse Yourself in the Abstract World of Bernard Touati at the Keya Gallery

Immerse Yourself in the Abstract World of Bernard Touati at the Keya Gallery

Bernard Touati has been a fixture in the world of cosmetic dentistry, having treated numerous celebrities from the entertainment and political scenes. He has been featured in dental publications as an « international icon ». However, he has also been honing his skills as an abstract painter, and has held exhibitions of his vibrant and colorful canvases in Paris and Moscow.

May 6, 2023: Discover the Vibrant Abstract Paintings of Bernard Touati

Now, retired in Marrakech, Touati has dedicated himself to painting full time, drawing inspiration from the warm tones of his native Morocco. His latest exhibition at the Keya Gallery showcases his abstract works that are sure to leave a lasting impression on art enthusiasts.

The exhibition features Touati’s signature style of using bold and vivid colors, with each canvas telling a unique story. From the moment you step into the Keya Gallery, you will be transported to a world of abstract beauty and creativity.

Whether you are an art collector or simply appreciate the beauty of abstract art, Touati’s exhibition is a must-see. So mark your calendars and head to the Keya Gallery in Marrakech from May 6, 2023, to witness the magic of Bernard Touati’s abstract paintings firsthand..