Discover the Best of Marrakech during Ramadan 2023

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection. In Morocco, Ramadan is a significant event that brings the community together, and visitors can experience this cultural tradition in unique ways.

This year, Ramadan is expected to begin in Morocco on the evening of Wednesday, March 23th, 2023, and end on the evening of Thursday, April 22th, 2023. The exact start date may vary depending on the sighting of the new moon, which marks the beginning of the month.

Activities during Ramadan

Marrakech, one of Morocco’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities, offers visitors an array of activities during Ramadan. While the city may slow down during the day, Marrakech comes alive at night, with bustling markets, lively streets, and the aroma of traditional Moroccan dishes wafting through the air.

One of the unique activities during Ramadan in Marrakech is the Iftar meal. Iftar is the evening meal that Muslims consume to break their fast, and many restaurants and hotels in Marrakech offer special Iftar menus during Ramadan. The Royal Mansour, Four Seasons, Mamounia, and Mandarin Oriental are some of the top hotels in Marrakech that offer exquisite Iftar menus.

having a ftour during Ramadan is an unforgettable experience in Marrakech and Morocco

In addition to Iftar, visitors can also experience traditional Ramadan activities such as Taraweeh prayers, visiting local mosques, and participating in charitable events. Marrakech is home to several stunning mosques, including the iconic Koutoubia Mosque, which is illuminated during Ramadan, creating a beautiful ambiance

Koutoubia in the evening during Ramadan


Visitors can also experience Ramadan in the markets of Marrakech, which offer an array of traditional foods, crafts, and souvenirs. The Jemaa el-Fnaa square transforms into a bustling night market during Ramadan, with street performers, musicians, and food vendors filling the square.

Ramadan is a time of spirituality, reflection, and community, and Marrakech offers a unique opportunity to experience this cultural tradition. Whether you’re breaking fast with a traditional Iftar meal or exploring the vibrant markets of Marrakech, Ramadan in Morocco is an unforgettable experience.